Infinite Connectedness and Unity Separated by Consciousness


3rd dimension

I have long been a fan of Nassim Haramein.  As a child he saw the simple truth of connectedness, and it has driven him to new studies in cognitive resonance through sacred geometry.  As I listen to him, the simple truths Yeshua shared come to deeper meaning for me and I also see how the enemy of our souls, Lucifer uses these truths to twist them into unbelievable division instead of unity.  Let me share one simple truth that any first year elementary math student undertands.

Zero is a concept of nothing.  It is what made our mathematical system change.  I believe in my schooling the Arabs were credited with using zero in math for the first time.  That may not be truth, but it was what I was taught. Nonetheless, our maths will not work without starting at a point of zero.  We know that anything times zero is…

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