Are you a god?

My brothers, my equals, we are all beings of existence in different levels of realities and dimensions. Even in the most insignificant thing, there’s divine power.h In a collective way, we’re also great as a human race; the whole world; the solar system or/and even the Milky Way galaxy. Turning around altogether through the eternal cycle of life.

Different methods of learning can show insight of how wonderful and magical the whole world can be. The problem is that as human collectiveness we are very behind. I don’t doubt that all around the world they’re appearing an infinite number of associations, groups and communities that are pointing toward light and evolution. In order for this Awakening to happen, in addition of the work that we must do in the spiritual realm, we must do a lot of things in the material world.

It has been proven since ancient times that there have been series of men and women of all kind achieving things beyond classical human comprehension. Heroes, goddesses, messiahs, spiritual leaders, fighters, masters in all kind of arts, scientists. Its time to start thinking that everything is possible and remember that human power goes beyond the impossible.

A new era is here. Composed of great challenges for the individual and the collective, in order to survive or evolve, as you may choose. The nature of our divine self is to be the gods of our own reality, for that reason, the individual growth consist only on yourself to evolve, but in a collective way, we must work together to create a new civilization because we are all part of the same reality, which is not affected not only by you but also by all. We can’t live in our own selfish world anymore; we must create a new paradigm of living!

So, to learn from each other and for the main purpose of creating tangible things that could make us independent of the system, and to protect ourselves against this plot that is destroying the world, we must be all interconnected: in a globalized communication network, in a psychic manner, in a consciousness level, and much more beyond.

The dark forces still hold the control of the world and it’s going to be a tough one until they let it go.

As the world goes, time goes, and things worsen. The governments are becoming more barbaric, cynical, shameless, untrustworthy and corrupt. Plus they have the rule of law and the power over you. They lie to you, steal from you and exploit you through taxes.

There’s a secret and real chaos happening inside the system, in which supposedly, is the one who has our trust and brings order. The crowd feels this things just until it happens, most of the population is bewildered by a series of pattern of behavior, beliefs, dogmas, marketing, vices, consumption and more. The media is the only source of “reliable information” of what is happening outside your bubble.

There are things that governments and other organizations have committed that go beyond human awareness and approval; constant genocides all around the globe for controlling human population: poison in water, food and medicines, secret weapons, million of nuclear warheads, experiment test in cities and even countries, the chaos doctrine, good and bad UFO’s.

There is a dead deep list of what is really going and that’s why we have to stand and walk away from all this. Remember that it is a fight for your freedom not their destruction.


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